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The Biggest Update Yet for KLIK Boks PRO Adds 2-Way Streaming and More.

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

KLIK Boks PRO Version 4.1 Firmware Now Available!

It's a big day at KLIK, as we launch the latest firmware for KLIK Boks PRO, Version 4.1. With this version the PRO gets several new features and a completely rebuilt user interface, making it even easier to set up, configure and use.

KLIK Touch Support

The first thing you'll notice with Version 4.1 Firmware is the addition of a new icon on the Standby screen. That icon is the new touch-enabled access to KLIK's Conference Mode.

Just touch the icon to launch Conference Mode. Once it's running you'll see the scroll buttons, Select button and Home button. Simply scroll to the next user and press Play to start a streaming session. Press the Home button to exit Conference Mode and return to the Standby screen.

KLIK Control Center

Enter the KLIK's IP address in your browser and you'll be greeted by the all-new Control Center. At the top of the screen you'll see the Language selection window, where there are now 19 languages to choose from.

Below that is the launch control for an exciting new feature we call KLIK-Stream. More on that later. Directly beneath that are links to all KLIK apps, so there's no need to navigate away for access. Windows and Mac links are direct downloads while iOS, Chrome and Android are links to their respective app stores.

Direct links are also provided to Support Resources, including videos, documentation and FAQs. Finally, there is an admin login field at the very bottom.

KLIK-Stream 2-Way Viewing

One of the coolest new features in Version 4.1 is KLIK-Stream, the utility that lets all users see the live presentation right in their browser, as it happens. Users simply open a browser window and enter the KLIK Boks IP address, then click on the Launch button. A new tab opens with a real-time view of the presentation. Controls allow screen resizing and frame rate adjustment, as well as screen capture. Learn more here.

Firmware Updates

The new Firmware Update process makes it easier than ever to keep your KLIK up to date. KLIK 'phones home' and displays updates when they're available, then allows direct updating over-the-air or by local download.

On-Screen Configuration Control

Just log in as an admin to access the all-new configuration control interface. Access system setup, change settings and even launch a firmware update from the new control panel.

In addition, you now have access to the media player controls right from the same page. Search for and play back Audio, Video and Image files with ease, from local media or from the network!

More Control, Remotely

As with all KLIK Boks PRO configuration options, now you can also change Password and Override settings from the control panel. Turn off the password requirement as needed and enable Override to allow a new streaming session to interrupt an existing session.

We're working hard to continue delivering the features and flexibility demanded by our users, and adding even more that are sure to delight. The best way to experience the power of Version 4.1 is by updating your KLIK Boks PRO right now, by clicking here. And don't forget to let us have your feedback.


Costa Lakoumentas

Founder & CEO


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