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Upgrade Complete. KLIKBoks HUB now Leader of the Pack in Wireless Collaboration!

KLIKBoks HUB sporting all-new packaging to complement all the new features, including BYOM Hybrid meetings.
After 2+ years of R&D, the new KLIKBoks HUB is now shipping in quantity.

If there was one good thing that came from the pandemic, it's the KLIKBoks HUB. A 2-year retreat from in-person work, study and face-to-face meetings gave the engineering team behind KLIK wireless collaboration systems ample time to level-up the next generation of wireless collaboration devices; the KLIKBoks HUB! And what an upgrade it is!

Before revealing some of the more exciting changes to the HUB platform, let's take a moment to recall the mission statement behind this product. From the beginning, we saw HUB as not only the most powerful collaboration system available, but it had to also deliver the best value in its product category. Because if collaboration systems aren't affordable, they can't become ubiquitous. And the all-new HUB continues that ethos with its breakthrough price point.

New Feature - Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM)

HUB was already a screen-sharing powerhouse, with 4K UHD output over HDMI and the ability to display 4 sources on-screen at the same time. Plus, it was the only product in the category that was fully touch-enabled. But now, it also serves the hybrid collaboration environment, integrating both in-person and remote participants seamlessly over their favorite video conferencing platform. Welcome to BYOM, KLIK-style.

Just walk into the room, open the KLIKConnect app and you're connected to the TV, camera and audio system. Start your Zoom, Teams, Meet, Webex (well, you get it) call on your laptop, suing the room's AV gear. No gadgets, no dongles or adapters, just run the KLIKConnect app on your PC and connect in seconds.

There's a lot more to the new HUB and we'll be sure to tell you all about it. Mosey on over to the KLIKBoks HUB page for more details and watch this space for insider tips interleaved with dubious humor. And thanks for checking out KLIK, we really appreciate it.


About KLIK.

KLIKBoks was founded to solve the problem of how people share content in meetings, classes and conferences. From the company’s early KLIKBoks™ and KLIKStik™ wireless collaboration devices to the breakthrough technology found in the KLIKBoks™ HUB, KLIK is still dedicated to fostering frictionless collaboration between people.


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