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We're Growing Our Network

A few years ago, we started KLIK to solve one big problem; the hassle of getting connected to a display with you computer. Turns out that this "hassle" is a trillion-dollar productivity drain, and we've all been part of the not-so-funny contortions of trying to get connected. What was once an idea has now turned into a big product category, attracting the attention of businesses, educational institutions and government buyers.

KLIK offers the industry's broadest line of professional wireless screen sharing systems, from the KLIK Stik at just $149, all the way up to the 4K HUB, at $649. Our unique value proposition is that with KLIK you can get exactly what you need, and pay only for what you need. Small office just looking for simple, cross-platform wireless connectivity? Try KLIK Stik, and you will not be disappointed.

Are you looking for a wireless screen sharing device that supports a 4K display, allows up to 4 people to share the screen at the same time and allows viewers to see the presentation across the network and from anywhere in the world in real time? KLIK Boks HUB has you covered. Oh, and we won't make you "contact us for a price", we'll just tell you that it's $649.

We've built the most compelling line of wireless screen sharing products in the industry. Now we're looking for independent sales reps to help us build our network of resellers and integrators across the US and Canada.

We're looking for independent sales reps that serve a variety of vertical markets, from Pro AV, IT, Office Technology, Education, and Consumer Electronics. If you're already calling on companies like Troxell, Zones, Best Buy for Business, B&H, Ingram Micro and others, then we want to hear from you. Send us an email by clicking here

Click here to download a copy of the KLIK Reseller Advantage.


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