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Working from Home? Put your big TV to work, with KLIK!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Separate your communications view from your content screen and enjoy better collaboration and more immersive learning with a KLIKBoks or KLIKStik.

Tired of sharing a little laptop screen with your Zoom, Teams, or other video app and all the content you're supposed to be reviewing? Well, take advantage of your TV and mega-size your work area with KLIK. For as little as $179, you can stream content from your laptop to the big screen, seamlessly.

KLIK works flawlessly with ZOOM!

Just launch the KLIKConnect app and connect the big TV as your extended desktop, then launch the ZOOM app. Now you can keep your ZOOM screen open on the laptop and drag other content to the big screen. Or just put everything on the big screen and enjoy a whole new work-at-home experience!

Microsoft Teams thrives with KLIK!

Teams is a great way to communicate with remote colleagues, but sharing content and communication on one laptop screen is for the birds! Just use KLIK to put content on the big TV and use the laptop as your communications hub. Better outcomes, courtesy of KLIK!

Google Meet is made for KLIK!

Prefer Google's free video calling platform Meet? No problem, KLIK is ready to take your meetings to the next level. Just use your laptop screen for the team images and put all your work apps on the big TV. Just use KLIK's extended desktop mode and you're in business. Now that was easy!

Use a different platform? No worries, we've got you covered!

All KLIK models work with all video platforms, so no matter your favorite, you'll be able to share your screen to the big screen in seconds flat! Got questions about using KLIK with your video platform, just klik here.


About KLIKBoks

KLIKBoks is an engineering-driven startup with a mission to create technologies that enhance the way people collaborate in offices, classrooms, meeting spaces and anywhere else ideas are exchanged. Founded in the Seattle area in 2015, the company builds the KLIK Boks line of wireless presentation systems, sold by a network of dealers, integrators and distribution partners in the US, Canada, and over 20 countries worldwide. Visit


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