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KLIK Boks HUB Wireless Collaboration System

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Dual-network, multi-screen, 4K UHD, Screen Mirroring & Streaming System

KLIK Boks HUB delivers an exceptional, 4K wireless screen mirroring experience to users, while simplifying installation, configuration and maintenance for system designers, installers and maintenance staff.

HUB supports multiple, simultaneous user screen shares, for a more collaborative approach to information sharing. Plus, with its Internet streaming capability, you can expand your audience to remote workers, field offices and even public broadcasts to the whole world.

There's no mistaking true UHD, 4K Performance when you can share 4 simultaneous HD screens at one time! Instantly maximize any of the four streams, with the click of a mouse or a tap on the touchscreen. 


This truly is the wireless collaboration & streaming HUB of every meeting room or classroom.

HUB Does So Much More than Screen Sharing


Wireless screen mirroring from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebooks connected to the local Wi-Fi, using native utilities or the KLIK app. Guests connected to the HUB's internal Guest Hotspot. Guest HDMI sources (Linux PCs, Cameras, etc.) connected wirelessly using the KB400 HDMI Sender, and a document camera connected to HUB's HDMI input. All displayed on the 4K UHD touch-screen that controls not only the content, but also the PCs through Touch-back USB. Local viewers following the presentation over the LAN, while remote viewers are watching it on YouTube, and the whole thing is being recorded to SD or USB. 

Does this explain why we call it the HUB?

Explore Key KLIK Boks HUB  Features

KLIK Boks HUB goes far beyond screen mirroring; it's your collaboration hub.

HUB supports wireless screen mirroring from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome OS, even without installing an app.


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Quick Start Guide

In the interest of ongoing product development, all specifications are  subject to change without notice.

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