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AirPlay, Miracast, Chromecast, KLIKConnect, How to Choose

Stream your screen to the big screen, with KLIK

KLIK Supports Native Streaming Utilities

The moment you connect your new wireless screen sharing device to a screen, you'll realize that user connectivity is not a one-size fits all proposition.

That's why KLIK supports native streaming utilities like AirPlay and Miracast, found in Mac, iOS, Windows and Android devices and now on the HUB, Chromecast as well. Need to manage access to the screen? Use the KLIKConnect apps instead.

A whole generation of users who know nothing but wireless connectivity expects wireless screen sharing everywhere.
AirPlay is supported on all Apple devices including Mac, iPhone & iPad

The Benefits of Wireless Screen Sharing with Native Utilities

  • No need to install an app on Mac, iOS, Windows, Android devices, just start streaming.

  • Perfect for guests bringing their own device, that don't already have the KLIKConnect app installed.

  • True screen mirroring is available for all devices, including iOS, Mac, Windows and Android.

  • Native utilities can be used even when password access is enforced, by simply switching between Moderator mode.

Screen Mirroring with AirPlay

KLIK works with AirPlay, for fast and easy screen mirroring from Apple devices like Macs, iPads and iPhones. Simply swipe up from your iOS screen or tap the AirPlay icon to find the KLIK and connect to start screen mirroring. KLIK also supports extended desktop mode when using AirPlay on a Mac.

Increasingly digital classrooms and remote study demand advanced wireless presentation solutions like KLIK.
AirPlay settings panel on a Mac.
  • KLIK supports streaming and full screen mirroring from AirPlay.

  • Mirror what's on your device screen, with full motion video.

  • Stream in full-screen mode from YouTube and other video sites.

  • Stream audio with video, or audio alone.

  • Connect to KLIK with a tap of the AirPlay selection menu.

  •  Stream live camera view from your device.

Use Airplay, for easy and intuitive streaming

Screen Sharing with Miracast, from Windows & Android

KLIK supports Miracast, for fast and easy screen sharing from Windows and Android devices. On Windows, just use the “Connect to a Wireless Display” feature to start mirroring your screen, or connect in Extended Desktop mode. On Android, simply select the Cast function to mirror your screen.

Miracast is built into Windows and Android, for peer to peer wireless screen mirroring. KLIKStik, KLIKBoks PLUS and PRO all support Miracast.

Miracast allows, direct, peer-to-peer connections

  • Miracast is built in to Windows 8.1+ and Android 4.2+

  • Full screen mirroring is supported, with full motion video

  • Windows users can mirror their display or use KLIK in extended mode

  • Android users can launch Miracast from their "Wireless Display" shortcut

  • Windows users can launch Miracast from the Connect tile in Action Center

  • Miracast makes a direct, peer-to-peer connection; no network required


Screen Casting with Chromecast

The KLIKBoks HUB now supports Google Cast, aka Chromecast. With Chromecast support users of the Google Chrome browser can share their whole screen, a selected app or a Chrome browser tab, for a whole new level of flexibility and convenience. 

KLIKBoks HUB supports Google Cast natively
  • Google Chrome browser support across Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS devices

  • Full screen mirroring is supported, with full motion video

  • Share the entire screen, selected apps or browser tabs

  • Supports DRM protected content

  • Supports dual displays and extended desktop operation

Google Cast support is built into KLIKBoks HUB 

Streaming with the KLIKConnect App

While native streaming utilities have been designed with consumers in mind, the KLIKConnect family of apps has been designed from the start to serve users in education, business and government applications.

KLIKConnect brings higher performance, enhanced stability and a host of important features to wireless screen sharing.


The Benefits of Streaming with KLIKConnect

  • Robust connection management, with Password Access and Moderated Access, to restrict connections to the screen

  • Consistent user interface, across platforms, with an intuitive "player" form factor

  • Support for KLIKStream feature, which allows users to view your presentation on their device screen in real time

  • Access to the built-in Annotator and Whiteboard applications for enhanced collaboration

  • Instant file sharing, with a drag and drop interface to send files to meeting attendees without requiring cloud services

  • Access to Moderator Mode, where the moderator controls who has access to the screen

  • Presenter Screen Preview, allows the moderator to preview a user's screen before sending their content to the screen

KLIKConnect for Windows, Mac & Chrome OS

KLIK includes a free Windows KLIKConnect™ app, that adds wireless screen mirroring to any PC running Windows 7 or later. The Windows app also adds connection management, that works both with Password Access and Moderated Access modes, and several usability features that make KLIK even more powerful. In addition, the KLIKConnect app allows any accredited user to become a system moderator.

The KLIKConnect app for Mac, adds wireless screen mirroring to any Mac running OSX 10 or later. The Mac app also adds connection management, that works both with Password Access and Moderated Access modes, and adds several usability features that make KLIK even more powerful. In addition, the KLIKConnect app allows any accredited user to become a system moderator.

The KLIKConnect app's user interface makes it easy for anyone to share their screen, wirelessly.
  • View the presentation in your browser, in real time, without an app.

  • Allows students and faculty to audit the class content remotely.

  • Variable screen refresh rate keeps network requirements modest.

  • Zoom feature allows Actual Size and Fit to Screen views.

  • Screen capture saves what you see to an image file for later review.

KLIKConnect for Android

KLIK includes a free Android KLIKConnect app, that adds password restricted access to KLIK from any Android device. This allows Android smartphones and tablets to be used in environments where Miracast is disabled and either Password Access or Moderated Access mode are enabled. The KLIKConnect app for Android allows full screen mirroring.

  • Full screen mirroring is supported from all Android devices

  • Supports Password Access and Moderated Access modes

  • Supports full-motion video streaming from local and remote sources

KLIK works with every device. 

Working Coffee

We Wrote the Book on Wireless Presentation Systems.

Wireless screen sharing is a relatively new product category, and hard information is hard to come by. So, we decided to write the definitive guide to the three essential technologies that underpin all available systems, and let you decide which works best for you. This resource is completely brand-agnostic and available as a free download.

Learn all about wireless presentation systems from our authoritative white paper, a Free download.
  • Wireless Presentation Systems (screen sharing) explained.

  • Learn about the three platforms that most systems are built on.

  • The technologies employed by various brands to deliver screen sharing.

  • Network considerations for deployment.

  • Preparing for wireless screen sharing implementation.

  • Design considerations for education and enterprise.

  • Unbiased and brand agnostic, focused on the facts.

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