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After 3 months of using the KLIK Stik in our own office, we know you're going to love it!

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

OK, full disclosure; we're somewhat biased. But after 3 months of KLIK Stik test mules plugged into a variety of screens around our own office, we're pretty proud of what this little device can do. And, we think you're going to love it as well, when you get yours for only $149.

What is the KLIK Stik you Ask?

It just happens to be the smallest and least expensive professional wireless screen sharing device out there. You plug the HDMI connector into your screen, plug the USB cable in for power, and in minutes, you can share your content from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices, without wires.

Share from mobile devices, tablets and PCs, wirelessly.
With KLIK Stik, you can stream from your device, even without installing an app.

Share at the drop of a hat?

For some, it's all about spontaneity, and Stik delivers, by allowing Win/Mac/iOS/Android users to connect and start streaming, even without installing an app! That little bit of magic is thanks to the native streaming compatibility that we've packed into the Stik, so you can just cast, connect and start sharing from your favorite device, instantly.

Touchscreen Compatibility, right out of the box!

If you've got a touch-enabled screen in your office or meeting room, get ready for a treat. KLIK Stik not only offers wireless screen sharing, but it also lets you control your computer, right from the touch-screen. Whether it's a web page, or a Keynote, you can control it right from the screen, when you're streaming with Stik.

Media Player built in.

Use your mobile phone as a remote control, and play media back, right on the KLIK Stik. Videos, music, even image files are all handled by the Stik, by just plugging in a USB thumb drive. So, when you're not dazzling the big cheese with your PowerPoint prowess, you can kick back and enjoy a movie.

KLIKStream the presentation to everyone!

OK, so you know how you're frantically taking notes, trying to keep up with the presentation, as someone's going through their slides on-screen? Not anymore. KLIKStream lets you view the presentation as it's happening, right in your browser. No kidding, you can even capture screenshots for later review. Yeah, Stik completely changes the game for both presenters and viewers.

KLIK Stik does all this, and much more, for just $149. It's expected to be in stores and available online on June 6th. Hit the web page for more details and downloads.


KLIK is a Seattle-based startup committed to ridding the planet of every last video cable, by building flexible, powerful and affordable wireless screen sharing systems. We will not rest until every screen is wireless!


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