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Discover the KLIK Control Center

If you're like most KLIK owners, you'll only ever use the KLIKWizard app to set up and configure your KLIK wireless screen sharing system. After all, the Wizard fully automates the process, even allowing you to change the standby screen wallpaper image, in one guided session. There are times however when you only need to make a quick, minor change to your configuration; that's one very good reason (among others) to get to know the Control Center.

To get to the KLIK Control Center, just enter the KLIK's IP address into your browser's address field and go. The Control Center is accessible to anyone, even guests, and requires no password once you're on the same network.

Users may download the KLIK app for their device by operating system, from the application shortcuts on the KCC. Mac and Windows users can download the apps directly, while Android, Chrome and iOS users are directed to their respective app stores. The KLIK app delivers connectivity, screen sharing, annotation and more.

System admins can log into the KLIK and make changes to the configuration, check for and apply firmware updates and access advanced settings. In addition, they have access to the software remote control, to access the Media Player. Simply insert a USB flash drive and start streaming Video, Audio or Photos on the KLIK screen, in full HD. Create slide shows, play instructional videos or let KLIK be your music player for an event; it's all possible with the Media Player.

Find out much more about the KLIK Control Center by visiting the web page, or read the full article on our knowledge base by clicking here.

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