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KLIK Releases Central Management System Application - KLIK Manager

KLIK Manager App for Central Management of KLIK Boks

KLIK Manager allows system administrators to monitor and manage KLIK Boks wireless presentation connectors across a campus, enabling efficient configuration, updates and operational integrity.

KLIK Boks is already known as the most flexible, adaptable and affordable wireless screen sharing system for business, education and hospitality. Now, with the addition of KLIK Manager, deploying and maintaining a fleet of KLIK Boks devices is easier than ever. Just launch the KLIK Manager and immediately gain access to all of the devices on your network.

KLIK Manager is built with the latest technology.

Built for Today's Environment

KLIK Manager has been built from the ground-up with the latest technologies, so it runs on every platform. Linux, Windows, Mac; that's just the beginning. KLIK Manager runs on the same technology that world-class apps like Slack, GitHub and WordPress are built on. Fast, clean and right to the point, just like the KLIK Boks.

Local, Global or Both

Sometimes you just need to make a quick change to one device, and other times you want to update firmware on all. KLIK Manager allows you to view all of your KLIK Boks devices, with their current status at a glance. Immediately determine if they're running the latest firmware and push changes to one, several or all devices at the same time.

KLIK-Stream Built In

KLIK Manager not only allows system admins to monitor vital statistics and make changes to KLIK Boks, it also lets them see what's on the screen. The exclusive KLIK-Stream feature greatly improves tech support and reduces time wasted going from room to room, because admins get a real-time view of the content that KLIK is streaming, right inside the Manager window.

Automatic Update Notifications

No need to chase down updated firmware, or remember cryptic version numbers. KLIK Manager automatically polls the KLIK Boks devices, then checks their current firmware versions against the KLIK server. You'll be notified if there's new firmware available and can push it out over-the-air with just one click.

1-click Custom Wallpapers

Update KLIK wallpapers with just one click. No need for photo-editing, or going room to room with a flash drive, just select a photo and push it to one, two or even all KLIK Boks' at the same time. Only KLIK makes its own wallpaper, so you don't have to!

Find out more about the KLIK Manager by visiting the KLIK Manager page.


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