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KLIK Stik works with Touch Screens. Watch as we show you how.

One of the signature features of all KLIK models is the wireless USB sharing feature. That is, you can connect a USB mouse, keyboard or wireless desktop to the KLIK, then share it between users as they stream. So, presenter A, starts streaming from her MacBook, and the remote controls her computer. Then, presenter B starts streaming from his Surface Pro, and the remote controls his computer. It's magic.

Did you know that this same wireless USB function works with touch-enabled displays? Just connect the USB touch output from the display to your KLIK; any KLIK, even the tiny KLIK Stik. Now start a stream from a PC running the KLIK Connect app, and presto, the touchscreen controls the PC! It's magic.

Learn more about the amazing KLIK Stik here.



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