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KLIKWizard 2.0.3 Setup Automation & Management App, Now Available for Download.

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

There's no faster or easier way to get your KLIK set up than by using the KLIKWizard app.
Let's Set Up Your KLIK, with the new KLIKWizard!

When we first rolled out the KLIKWizard several months ago, long-time KLIK users told us that the app completely transformed the setup experience for KLIK devices. The setup automation app does all the heavy lifting under the hood, allowing anyone to set-up, configure and customize the KLIK in minutes. Now, in its first major update, Version 2.0.3 delivers even more functionality and makes setup even simpler.


KLIK Discovery now Includes Network Connected Devices

The KLIKWizard Setup Automation app running on a MacBook Air
KLIKWizard is made for Mac and Windows PCs

Launch the KLIKWizard and the first thing you'll notice is that it now finds all KLIK devices, whether they're connected to the network or not. In fact, the Wizard locates and displays brand new KLIKs that are not connected to a network, those that are connected to the LAN, and even those connected to the WLAN. Oh Joy!

KLIK Network Connectivity status display

Pro Tip: When the KLIKWizard discovers KLIK devices, it lists them by name in the discovery panel. Further to the right, you'll see a symbol that indicates if and how that KLIK is connected to a network. The Wi-Fi symbol is displayed in Green when the KLIK is not connected to a network, but is in range; weak signal strength is indicated when the symbol turns Orange. White indicates that the KLIK is connected to a wireless network, while the network symbol is also displayed in White when the KLIK is connected by Ethernet (PLUS an PRO only).

More Wallpapers, And Easier Changes

Collage of Free KLIK wallpapers included with KLIKWizard
Stock Wallpapers Included

The next thing you'll see is that

we've expanded the number of stock wallpapers, by 14. Lots of cool new images to explore and liven up your screen with; all here, all free. Oh, and don't forget that the Wizard has a built-in cropping tool that allows you to grab any image, from your local machine, web url, or drag and drop, resize and install.

Instruction wallpaper makes it easy for users to connect
KLIK usage instructions wallpaper

One of the new wallpapers is this convenient one that includes connection instructions right on the screen. Thanks to feedback from you, our loyal users, we've made this wallpaper available as an option for getting your team up to speed working with KLIK. Just change it out when everyone's got the hang of it.

Plus, when it comes to changing wallpapers, KLIKWizard will now allow you to easily change them, without going through the complete setup process all over again.

We've made several changes that you can't see very readily, improving the reliability of the app, especially when discovering KLIK devices from a Windows PC. As always, we try to pack bug fixes into new software builds, so there are a few of those tucked into this latest round as well. Probably nothing that you'll notice, but certainly items we can cross off our to-do list. We hope you enjoy the new features and as always, look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions for future releases.


KLIK is a technology-forward, Seattle-based company committed to ridding the planet of every last video cable, by building universal, powerful and affordable wireless screen mirroring systems. We will not rest until every screen is wireless!


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