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Let's set up your KLIK!

Setup Instructions for KLIK Wireless Presentation Systems

Setting up your KLIK is easy, and we give you three options:




KLIKWizard automated setup makes it easy to connect & configure Stik, PLUS & PRO.

(Requires Windows or Mac PC and Wi-Fi.)


KLIK Control Center


Log into the KLIK Control Center from any browser to access and configure most KLIK Settings.

(Wallpaper changes require a separate procedure.)


On-screen Display


Connect to KLIK from any Wi-Fi enabled device, then use the virtual remote to set it up.

(Wallpaper changes require a separate procedure.)

Setting up a large number of devices?

Get KLIKManager

Update Wallpaper Button.PNG

Setup? What's setup?

Before you start enjoying the benefits of wireless screen sharing, your KLIK needs to be connected to your network, named, and have a couple of options selected. Here are all of the settings that are available (varies by model)

  • KLIK Name - Give your KLIK a unique name so it's easy to find

  • Wallpaper - Set a desktop wallpaper that's all your own

  • Network - Connect KLIK to your Wi-Fi or Wired (Ethernet) network

  • Password - Set the password function to retain control over who can connect to KLIK

  • AirPlay - Enable to allow Mac and iOS users to stream natively

  • Miracast - Allow Samsung & LG mobile users to Cast to KLIK

  • Overwrite - Allow a new stream to bump an existing user's stream

  • KLIKStream - Allow participants to view the presentation on their own device

  • Knkt HDMI Tx - Pair the KB400 HDMI Sender or KB460 USB-C Sender to your KLIK

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