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Meet Mr. Nakatomi, and learn all about the KLIKBoks PRO!

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

OK, so he's not really named Nakatomi, we just thought for the John McClane fans out there...

Join in the fun as we compare KLIKBoks PRO to the competition and have a little fun along the way. We have no idea how many more of these we'll make, but as long as there's a story to tell, we'll keep at it. Enjoy!

Accessible from the KLIKConnect app, or right from the Handheld Remote is the best way to take control of your collaboration session or class. Use the app to instantly preview content before pushing it to the screen. Or use the remote to select users like changing the channel on TV. Did we mention that both features are already included with KLIKBoks PRO?

Now audience members and session participants can watch the presentation right on their own device. KLIKStream beams your content to the big screen, but it also sends it to a dedicated web page that can be viewed by meeting attendees. Just open a browser window and follow along with the best view in the room. Plus, there's no need to take notes because KLIK also lets you instantly grab screenshots of the content and saves them to your device.

How about playing a movie without tying up a PC? KLIK Does that with a built-in Media Player. Movies, Slideshows, Digital Signage, Music Playlists, you name it; KLIK can do it. Plus, with the included remote control, getting to your media is easier than ever. Get the complete multimedia solution for your classroom, meeting room or collaboration space. Get the KLIKBoks PRO!

Sure, KLIK makes it easy to set up a KLIKBoks PRO with the free KLIKWizard app. But what if you're setting up a whole school? Or a corporate campus? Enter KLIKManager, the powerful Central Management System for KLIKBoks PRO. Now you can check on all of your KLIKBoks PRO devices inside one interface. Change passwords, Wallpapers, make adjustments as needed to one, several or all units at the same time. KLIKManager even includes an editing app so you can customize wallpapers right inside the app, then take a live view of what's on the screen to better support users. Who gives you this much control over your wireless presentation system? Why KLIK, of course.


About KLIK.

KLIKBoks was founded to solve the problem of how people share content in meetings, classes and conferences. From the company’s early KLIKBoks™ and KLIKStik™ wireless collaboration devices to the breakthrough technology found in the KLIKBoks™ HUB, KLIK is still dedicated to fostering frictionless collaboration between people.


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