KLIK Boks PRO Wireless Presentation System 

Wireless Screen Mirroring with Central Management, for Education & Enterprise

Screen mirroring, sharing & central management.

TouchBack capability is built into KLI Stik.

KLIK Boks PRO brings wireless screen mirroring, on-screen annotation, remote viewing and a full complement of hardware connectivity, together with central management. A full-featured productivity machine for any classroom or meeting room.

PRO is the remotely managed wireless screen sharing system designed for deployment at scale.



  • Comprehensive screen sharing & mirroring features, with remote management.

  • KLIKManager Central Management System included at no extra cost.

  • Supports Open Access for streaming without an app.

  • Use with KLIKConnect apps for Password and Moderated Access.

  • Includes KLIKStream feature, allowing users to see presentation  in a browser.

  • Comes with wireless remote control for Moderator use and Media Player.

  • Full complement of hardware I/O, incl. Ethernet, Audio, HDMI & VGA. 


KLIK Boks PRO is our most powerful, flexible and adaptable wireless presentation device, built for the most demanding applications.

PRO supports wireless streaming from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome OS, even without installing an app.


Use the REMOTE to switch in seconds between presenters, or to play back full-HD content on the built-in media player.


PLUS includes KLIKStream, that lets users view the presentation right on their own device, as it's happening on the big screen.

KLIK Manager is the Central Management System for KLIK oks PRO

PRO also includes Remote Management through its embedded web server, allowing system administrators to manage, configure and maintain the device right from their central console.

KLIK Boks PRO can be configured remotely, through its enhanced web interface. Device naming, IP and Subnet settings and even video configuration are all handled remotely.

Quickly check vital settings and retrieve MAC addresses, verify firmware versions, and more from the remote interface. You can even view the PRO's video output in real time, all from a browser.

Firmware updates are performed OTA, from our server, or yours. Keep KLIK Boks PRO updated to the latest feature set by pushing updates on your schedule, with a new level of efficiency.

The KLIK Boks PRO is the fastests and easiest way to bring truly wireless presentation support to any organization, large or small.

With KLIK Boks PRO you can customize the standby screens to include your own images, logos or other content. You can even run custom screen-shows or video in standby mode. 

Manage Conference Mode, run the Media Player, control the presentation, and much more with the KLIK Remote. Watch productivity soar when you've got control of the KLIK Boks PRO.  

KLIK Boks PRO is the  Presentation System that works with all platforms; with or without installing a software app. KLIK is Your Universal Wireless Presentation Connector

Choose the KLIK Boks PRO for applications where you need remote management, the speed and efficiency of the remote  control and the very latest technology in the industry's most powerful, flexible and adaptable wireless presentation system.

Explore Key KLIK Boks PRO  Features


KLIK Boks PRO is the most powerful, capable and easy-to-use Wireless Presentation Connector available. The PRO combines all of the connectivity options of our other models with Remote Management, through its web-based control console.

KLIK Boks PRO Connectivity
KLIK Boks PRO Connectivity

KLIK Boks PRO offers analog and digital outputs for video and audio, making it compatible with almost any existing AV system. Plus, a hardwired Ethernet port allows direct connection to your network for the best, most secure performance possible.


The KLIK REMOTE is a productivity game-changer, and an exclusive feature of KLIK Boks. Switch between presenters with the ease and speed of changing TV channels. Get direct access to the Media Player, or freeze an image for closer inspection; REMOTE will change the way you interact with your presentation system.

Remote Management
Remote Management

With KLIK Boks PRO system administrators can access all configuration and setup settings remotely, using KLIK's management console. Firmware updates are also applied remotely, from our server or right from your desktop.

2-Way Screen Sharing
2-Way Screen Sharing

With KLIK Boks PRO, the on-screen presentation is available for viewing right on the users' device. Now everyone can see the presentation close-up and save screenshots for later review.

Multilingual Support
Multilingual Support

The KLIK control interface includes 19 languages, for global compatibility and usability.

Remote Firmware Updates
Remote Firmware Updates

KLIK Boks PRO reminds you when a new firmware version becomes available, then allows you to choose how that update is applied. Select Online for an automated 'over-the-air' download and installation, or Download to install manually.

KLIK Control Center
KLIK Control Center

Need Help? Just go to the KLIK Control Center, where you can download all KLIK apps, Access FAQs and other Support Resources, right from your browser.

Configuration Control
Configuration Control

KLIK's new Configuration Control allows for direct access to system settings from within the browser. Plus, the control includes access to the built-in Media Player for fast playback of Video, Audio and Image files.


In the interest of ongoing product development, all specifications are  subject to change without notice.

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