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Stream Your Service with Just One KLIK!

The fastest, easiest and most affordable way to capture and live-stream your service, is with the KLIK Boks HUB.

Even when things get back to "normal", there will be those who still can't make it to their house of worship. Now, with the KLIK Boks HUB, you can easily and affordably stream your service to those who can't be there in person. HUB is a one-box solution that combines a camera input with wireless screen sharing from PCs, and a hardware encoder, in one simple to use package.

With HUB, you can connect an HDMI video camera feed for audio and video, and then switch that feed between full-screen and split-screen, displaying content coming from other sources. Put up lyrics coming from a PC, dedicate a content pane to a Google Meet feed, and even add a second camera to cover socially-distanced choir members. Then click on the Live Stream button and presto, your service is streaming in real time.

Viewers can watch and listen on any device with a web browser, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and even Smart TVs! Plus, when the service ends, YouTube automatically archives it, so viewers can go back and view it again at any time. While there are more sophisticated ways to stream a service, there are none that pack the power, scalability and ease of use of the HUB. A screen-sharing and live streaming you can afford!

Find out more about the KLIK Boks HUB here.


About KLIK Communications

KLIK Communications is an engineering-driven startup with a mission to create technologies that enhance the way people collaborate in offices, classrooms, meeting spaces and anywhere else ideas are exchanged. Founded in the Seattle area in 2015, the company builds the KLIK Boks™ line of wireless presentation systems, sold by a network of dealers, integrators and distribution partners in the US, Canada, and over 20 countries worldwide. Visit


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