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The best value in wireless screen sharing is... KLIK Boks PLUS!

Maybe you're already aware of the benefits of wireless screen sharing; faster, more reliable connections to the display, less time wasted trying to connect with a cable, greater flexibility for the presenter. All true, but you know what the biggest benefit is? Saving time, and money.

Now, KLIK Boks PLUS saves you even more, with a price drop of $100! Effective immediately, just $299.

KLIK Boks PLUS is a wireless presentation system that delivers on the promise of compatibility, ease of use and performance. Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices, PLUS works with everything.

An array of connectivity includes HDMI and VGA, analog and digital audio and of course, an Ethernet jack for direct, zero-setup connection to your network. Oh yes, it's just that easy to transform any screen into a wireless display and start enjoying the benefits.

KLIK Boks PLUS even includes a wireless remote control. No other wireless screen sharing device in its class does.

What can you do with a remote control? Glad you asked. Let's start with control over your presenters; just select a presenter as you would change a channel. Or, play a video right from a USB drive; perfect for staff training, product presentations or digital signage. Just press Play and let the video, audio and images play, without tying up a computer.

Find out more about the incredible, and incredibly affordable KLIK Boks PLUS by visiting, and get it now for only $299, with free 2-day shipping, and a full 3-Year warranty.


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