KLIK Boks PLUS Wireless Presentation System 

Wireless screen mirroring, extensive connectivity and control.

TouchBack capability is built into KLI Stik.


mirroring, media player & much more 

KLIK Boks PLUS is the wireless presentation system that combines wireless screen mirroring, remote viewing, a robust media player, extensive hardware connectivity and moderated meeting management, with an industry-exclusive wireless remote control.

PLUS is the heart of every meeting and conference room's collaboration and presentation technology.

PLUS Highlights

  • Mirror your screen, from any device, even without installing an app.

  • While you stream to the big screen, others can view your content right on their own device.

  • Play Audio, Video, or Image Slideshows, right from a USB flash drive, without a computer.

  • Touchback capability supports touch-enabled displays, for full control over presenting PC. 

  • Share a Presentation Remote between users automatically, without unplugging anything.

  • Select presenters with the included remote control, like changing channels on a TV.

  • Fully Automated setup gets you up and running in minutes, with KLIKWizard.

  • Customize the screen with a selection of included wallpapers, or make your own.

Put PLUS to the Test & See Why it's the Value Leader in Full-Featured Wireless Collaboration 


Why does a wireless presentation system need a remote control?

A wireless remote control is a user interface that's natural, and easy, for any user. That's why PLUS comes with a multi-function remote that allows users direct access to all functions.

  • Media Player controls for access to digital signage, video, music & image playback.

  • Direct access to Moderator mode, for complete control over screen access.

  • Access & change system settings, without a computer or access to the network.

  • Select presenters right from the display screen by scrolling and selecting on-screen.

  • Remote access to system power, volume and image resizing.

  • Freeze any image, video or presentation for closer review by the audience.

Use the REMOTE to switch in seconds between presenters, or to play back full-HD content or digital signage on the built-in media player.


PLUS includes KLIKStream, which allows users to view the presentation right on their own device, as it's happening on the big screen.

Explore Key KLIK Boks PLUS Features

KLIK Remote
KLIK Remote

With direct access to Conference Mode, Media Player and Screen Controls, the exclusive KLIK Remote makes KLIK Boks PLUS even easier to use.


KLIK Boks PLUS with included remote control makes wireless presentations easier than ever.

Context Sensitive Standby Screens
Context Sensitive Standby Screens

PLUS offers users a simplified set of instructions for connecting and streaming by spelling out device name, network and password through an all-new standby screen.

Moderate Meetings in Conference Mode
Moderate Meetings in Conference Mode

Conference Mode puts the power to start a streaming session in your hands. Ideal for use in classrooms, conference rooms and anywhere else that moderated access to the screen is needed.

KLIK Status Panel
KLIK Status Panel

See the settings of your KLIK Boks from a browser window, without having to go to the room where KLIK is installed.


KLIK Boks PLUS includes external antennas for greater range when connecting to a wireless network or when you're using it in Virtual AP mode.

Remote Restart Function
Remote Restart Function

Restarting KLIK Boks CLASSIC is easy, with the restart option on the control webpage.

Configuration Control
Configuration Control

Password-protected access to the configuration control allows setup of the KLIK Boks CLASSIC.

Access to KLIK Knkt Software
Access to KLIK Knkt Software

KLIK Knkt software for Windows and Mac can be downloaded right from the links on the KLIK web page.

KLIK Boks PLUS Specifications

Download more details

KB601 Brochure
KLIK Boks Brochure
Planning Guide
KLIK Boks Integration Manual
Integration Manual