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"Don't Worry, We Get Asked All the Time. How Does KLIK Do More, for a Lot Less? Here's How."

Price isn't everything. It's just one of the factors that informed consumers take into account when making a purchase. Quality, Suitability to Task, Features, Support, and several more factors need to be considered. And finally, one can determine whether the product represents good value at the price offered.

Please take your time evaluating KLIK to determine if it meets your needs first. Then consider the value proposition.

At the risk of giving our competitors ideas, we'll break down how we can deliver a rich feature set, exceptional performance, high build quality and unmatched support, for what amounts to a third the price of some other solutions.

It starts with the right technology. KLIK is an engineering-driven company with deep roots in technology, product development, software and innovation. We are a hybrid business with teams based in both the US and Asia. We have access to technology, silicon and FAEs equivalent to those of the major electronics manufacturers. We're already ahead of the pro-AV market by 3-6 years.

Our hardware products are built on highly-integrated, mission-specific silicon ASICs. Where competitors employ generic microprocessors with copious external support ICs, then struggle to gain development, performance and cost advantages, our products start out with those advantages already in place. We bring products to market faster, at a lower cost, than most others.

It's tough to reach scale in the relatively small Pro-AV market where volumes are traditionally low as compared to consumer electronics. Competitors suffer from high parts costs, production line setup costs, and the limited amortization of compliance testing and certification. KLIK is vertically integrated, buying components direct from the manufacturers, building products in our own factory, with engineering resources dedicated to value engineering.

Well-engineered products, built around the right technologies and components, by seasoned professionals with hundreds of products to their credit, connected directly to the best vendors and manufacturing facilities in world, that how we do it.

The Right Foundation - Smarter products for smart people.


About KLIKBoks, Inc.

KLIKBoks, Inc. develops disruptive collaboration technologies that boost productivity, enhance teamwork, and enrich the learning experience. Their KLIK and KLIKBoks product lines offer innovative, easy-to-use solutions for seamless hybrid collaboration in meeting rooms, huddle spaces, classrooms, and event spaces. KLIKBoks, Inc. is headquartered in Seattle, WA (


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