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Share content Direct to the Audience (D2A) with KLIKStream!

Updated: Apr 3

Most screen-sharing devices stop with one screen, but not KLIKBoks HUB. With HUB your shared content is also beamed to those in the audience for direct viewing on their own device. No software required, no setup, and no cost; just open a browser and watch the presentation up close and personal, right on your device; PC, Tablet, Smartphone. That’s the magic of KLIKStream.

And now your audience can forget about trying to copy down what’s on the screen because KLIKStream also includes one-touch screen capture. Just click and the screenshot is saved automatically. And we mean automatically, no interstitial pop-ups asking you if you want to save a screen-shot. Why ask?

KLIKStream is also designed to be network-friendly, with a low-bandwidth transmission technology that may not mean much to users but will make your network admins happy. And for those times when you’re not really into sharing content direct to the audience, KLIKStream can be easily switched off. Another great feature of the HUB’s on-screen control panel, the Daisy.

Learn more about the power and simplicity of KLIKStream and you’ll wonder what took so long to get it. No worries, we’re here to help you up your game in education, collaboration and communication (if not alliteration.)

KLIKStream Content Sharing - Smarter products for smart people.


About KLIKBoks, Inc.

KLIKBoks, Inc. develops advanced collaboration technologies that boost productivity, enhance teamwork, and enrich the learning experience. Their KLIK and KLIKBoks product lines offer innovative, easy-to-use solutions for seamless hybrid collaboration in meeting rooms, huddle spaces, classrooms, and event spaces. KLIKBoks, Inc. is headquartered in Seattle, WA (


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