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Wireless Screen Sharing just got Simple!

(and more affordable)

A wireless screen sharing system that’s incredibly easy to use, works with any device on the planet, and outright owns the value proposition. 


KLIK Uno is a two-part wireless screen sharing system that lets you stream from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone using a software app, and any HDMI device using the Sender Button. The best of both worlds for effortless and scalable screen sharing.

TouchBack capability is built into KLI Stik.

KLIK Stik Wireless Screen Sharing Receiver

KLIK Stik turns any TV, Display or Projector into a wireless presentation screen, in as little as 2 minutes. Fully automated installation, Customizable Wallpaper, USB Power, STIK is the smallest, easiest, and most affordable professional HD wireless presentation system in the World!

KB301 Wireless Receiver


  • Ultra-small and affordable professional wireless presentation system.

  • Automated setup gets you up and running in minutes, with KLIKWizard.

  • Supports Open Access for wireless screen mirroring without an app on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Chrome.

  • Use with KLIKConnect apps for Password and Moderated Access.

  • Includes KLIKStream feature, allowing users to see presentation in a browser.

  • Includes wireless USB feature to allow sharing of a presentation remote or mouse.

  • Powered by USB, directly from your existing TV or projector.

Simply plug the KLIK Stik into any HDMI equipped TV, Display or Projector, run the KLIKWizard app to get it set up, and you're ready to start screen mirroring.

Stik supports Miracast, AirPlay and the KLIK app, for effortless streaming from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Chromebooks.


KLIK Knkt Wireless Screen Sharing Transmitter

The KLIK Knkt HDMI Sender is a plug-and-play wireless streaming solution for any HDMI video source, from PCs to cameras and media players. Simply plug in the video source and start streaming with the push of a single button. Knkt is ideal for use with secured PCs that can’t install the KLIK app, and unlike USB solutions, it doesn’t need to install drivers on the computer.

The KLIK wireless HDMI sender comes paired to the KLIK Stik receiver, for fast and easy setup. Or, you can run the free KLIKWizard app to customize your system quickly and easily.

Powered by USB, the Knkt accepts video from any HDMI-equipped device, and sends it wirelessly to the KLIK Stik receiver.


KB400 Wireless HDMI Sender


  • Stream any HDMI video source to KLIK Stik, KLIK Boks PLUS, PRO & HUB wireless screen sharing system

  • HDMI input accepts full-HD video from PCs, Document Cameras, Digital Whiteboards and more

  • Switchable between Presentation and Video modes, for optimum frame rates and minimal latency

  • Powered by USB, with integrated HID touch-back, for use with Touch displays, wireless remote or mouse

  • Single pushbutton to initiate and end streaming session, with multicolor LED status indicator

  • Works with KLIK Moderator mode, and in split-screen mode on HUB.

  • Fast and simple one-time pairing process to connect to the KLIK wireless screen sharing system

  • 3-Year Warranty coverage

Wirelessly Screen Share from any device.

KLIK Uno allows enabling wireless screen sharing from computers, tablets and smartphones can connect using Wi-Fi, even without installing an app. 

KLIK Stik works with PCs, Tablets and Smartphones.

KLIK Uno works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome OS

KLIKWizard Automated Setup

Get started in as little as 2 minutes, with the KLIK Wizard setup utility.

KLIK Uno is customizable, so you can change the receiver's name, use your own image for the desktop wallpaper, and even set a password to restrict access to the screen.

KLIWizard setup app maks it easy to get your KLIK Stik setup in minutes.

Drag & Drop Custom Wallpapers

Customize your KLIK screen with custom wallpapers.

Branding and aesthetics on your terms!

Choose what you want to see on the screen while the KLIK Uno isn't being used, with a custom wallpaper. No editing skills required, simply grab any image and the Wizard does the rest. Changing wallpapers is so easy, you could have one for each day of the week.

How KLIK Uno Works

KLIK Stik offers wireless screen sharing with USB touch-back capability.
KLIK Stik works with touch-enabled displays.

With Uno, you can mix clients using a software app, with clients using the Knkt HDMI Sender. Use the Knkt for document cameras, Blu-ray players and any PC that doesn't have the ability to use a software app for sending. Gain all the benefits of KLIK wireless screen sharing with the Uno. 

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