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KLIK Stik Wireless Screen Sharing System

Small, Powerful and most of all, Affordable

KLIK Stik is the affordable way to add wireless screen sharing to every screen.
TouchBack capability is built into KLI Stik.

Affordable wireless screen sharing, for every screen!

KLIK Stik is the professional wireless screen sharing system that not only delivers the features and performance you expect, it does it all at a breakthrough price.

Now, you can afford to make every screen wireless.


  • Ultra-small and affordable professional wireless screen sharing system.

  • Automated setup gets you up and running in minutes, with KLIKWizard.

  • Supports Open Access for wireless screen sharing without an app on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Chrome.

  • Use with KLIKConnect apps for Password and Moderated Access.

  • Includes KLIKStream feature, allowing users to see presentation in a browser.

  • Wireless HID back-channel feature allows for integration with touch displays

  • Powered by USB, directly from your existing TV or projector.
  • 3-Year Warranty
KLIK Stik is a compact wirelessscreen sharing device for any TV or projector.

KLIK STIK turns any TV, Display or Projector into a wireless screen, in as little as 2 minutes. Fully automated installation, Customizable Wallpaper, USB Power, STIK is the smallest, easiest, and most affordable professional HD wireless screen sharing system in the World!

Share your screen from any device.

KLIK STIK boosts meeting productivity by enabling wireless screen sharing, instantly. Computers, tablets and smartphones can connect natively, even without installing an app. 

KLIK Stik brings wireless screen sharing to PCs, Tablets and Smartphones.

KLIK STIK adds wireless screen sharing to devices powered by Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Chrome OS

KLIK Wizard Automated Setup

Get started in as little as 2 minutes, with the KLIK Wizard setup utility!

Plug the STIK into your display and you'll be up and running in no time. Fully automated discovery, network connectivity and option selection, means KLIK STIK can be self-installed, adding wireless screen sharing capability to any classroom, meeting room or anywhere people meet and share content.

KLIWizard setup app maks it easy to get your KLIK Stik setup in minutes.

Drag & Drop Custom Wallpapers

Customize your KLIK screen with custom wallpapers.

Branding and aesthetics on your terms!

Choose what you want to see on the screen while the KLIK STIK isn't being used, with a custom wallpaper. No editing skills required, simply grab any image and the Wizard does the rest. Changing wallpapers is so easy, you could have one for each day of the week.

How It Works

KLIK Stik plugs into your display and connets to your existing Wi-Fi.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

Watch the Installation Video

KLIK STIK plugs right into any HDMI display or projector, and we even include a short cable to make it easier. STIK gets its power from any USB socket on your display, so you don't need to find an extra power outlet. Once connected, the KLIK Wizard will find your STIK, pair it with your Wi-Fi, and step you through the rest of the setup process. You even get to change the wallpaper with any image of your choice, all in just a few simple steps. Once STIK is connected and set up, you can start wireless screen sharing from PCs, smartphones and tablets, even without installing an app.

KLIK Stik works with touch-enabled displays.

Explore Key KLIK STIK Features

All KLIK STIK Features

Start streaming from Windows, Mac, iOS, Chrome OS  and Android without installing an app.

KLIK delivers full-HD video at up to 1080p

Connect to any HD display with EDID compliant HDMI for a full  1080p image.

KLIK is mobile-friendly with native support for iOS and Android devices.

KLIK lets you share a mouse, keyboard or remote, automatically

Share a wireless presentation remote or touchscreen display, just like magic.

Mark up content right on the screen, then save and print notes.

Conference Mode lets you preview a user's screen, then start streaming

Manage multiple presenters easily with screen preview in Conference Mode.

KLIK STIK connects to a network wirelessly, allowing all users to share the device.

Boost meeting productivity with KLIK's built-in whiteboard feature.

Use the KLIK Knkt app for password access and Conference Mode.

KLIK STIK Specifications

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