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#9 of 10 Top Features of KLIK Boks HUB: Enhanced Password Access Features

It’s easy to overlook the password access feature of any KLIK model, just because it may not seem like a big deal. When password access is enabled, only users with that password can connect and stream to the KLIK. That’s a great way to keep people from connecting to the wrong room, something that can happen in a big office, or a school.

The password is displayed at the top of the screen.
HUB displays the password at the top of the screen, even while streaming is active.

HUB takes the whole password access feature and supercharges it, through several new, and clever innovations. First among those innovations, is the persistent display of the password on the screen, even after streaming starts. Now, late arrivals to the meeting can simply look up at the screen for the password, which occupies a small space at the top. Oh, and don’t worry about it blocking content, it’s easily movable across the screen by mouse, or on a touch display, by hand.

In addition to displaying the password, we’ve also added the ability to pre-select a password for a specific meeting. A rolling password ensures that people don’t connect to a room that they’re not physically in, but a fixed password may be more convenient for certain applications, such as when you want to distribute meeting instructions in advance. No problem, just touch (or click) the Settings petal on The Daisy and enter your own password.

Of course, you can always disable the password, providing your environment doesn’t need it to control connections. If you elect to use a password, selecting the Random setting will cause the password to change periodically, ensuring that anyone connecting will be doing so with the correct one. Whichever setting you choose, with HUB you’ll have more control than ever, ensuring that your team can collaborate effectively and efficiently.

That's a quick look at the all-new KLIK Boks HUB top-10 features list, with #9, Enhanced Password Access Features. Watch this space for more as we roll out all of the top-10 and beyond.


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