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Boost Meeting Productivity by up to 20%

We all know the drill. Everyone piles into the meeting room, some towing a laptop, others with tablets and smartphones. Time to review the week’s social media results and first up, a look at Facebook analytics. That’s when the meeting comes to stop; as the social media manager realizes she can’t connect her MacBook to the VGA cable without that dongle—where is that dongle?

Now, a device that not only replaces the antiquated cable/connector interface, but also opens up screen sharing for mobile devices. KLIK attaches to the projector or LCD display found in most meeting rooms and connects to the local area network. Once connected, users can stream content from laptops, desktops, tablets and phones to the display, without wires.

Switching between users is simple, and fast. Studies show that meeting productivity is reduced by an average of 20%, while users struggle to get the technology working. KLIK lets you gain back that lost productivity, while enhancing the presentation and collaboration experience for everyone. How much can your organization save with KLIK?



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