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iPhone and iPad join the KLIK Platform!

KLIK is your wireless presentation connector, and now iPhone and iPad users can share the big screen with Windows, Mac and Android devices.

“Offering cross-platform compatibility was always our objective…” states company founder Costa Lakoumentas. “Now, with iOS device support we deliver wireless screen sharing to the broadest possible number of users at the industry’s lowest cost per screen.”

Connection Management for iOS

While many offices and classrooms have employed consumer-grade streaming receivers to allow use of iPad and iPhone, the lack of connection management has proven a major challenge. Now KLIK brings the ability for a moderator or teacher to control who has access to the screen, greatly simplifying the connection process. This capability also brings a whole new level of order to what has in some classrooms been described as chaos.

Interoperability across PC and Mobile

KLIK Knkt for iOS now allows presenters and educators to support both PC platforms and mobile device users in the same system. Share a web page from an iPhone or a 3D file from a Windows computer without delays, adapters or confusion. KLIK Knkt apps are available as free downloads for Windows, Mac, Android and now, iOS.

For more information, contact your local KLIK dealer or go to and find out why KLIK is Your Wireless Presentation Connector!


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