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Mobile Tools for Managers to Enhance Productivity

The ability to manage different tasks all at once, is a prerequisite to success as a manager, whatever the field you are in. Right from managing stakeholders to planning tasks, scheduling meetings, brainstorming for new ideas or troubleshooting—multi-tasking is the way to go. Yet, this does not allow you any leeway with accuracy and exactness. The solutions you propose or implement must be flawless! So, how do you manage the onslaught of multiple tasks as a manager? Use technology and your best buddy the mobile phone, to your advantage and sail through your workday!

Managers also need to be ready with answers—a key aspect in relationship building. Be it an internal stakeholder, or an external client, “always on” is the bare basic expectation. Expect to work remotely, even at odd hours, to deliver what is desired. Sounds intimidating? Worry not, for mobile phones today come with a slew of organizing and management applications. Let’s dig into some of those!

Manage To-Dos smoothly: Professional life is more often than not a long list of to-dos. Give your to-dos shape and character by installing list-making applications on your smartphone. Track the progress of that latest project, or remember to call your boss on his/her birthday with inbuilt reminders and deadline features. Many listing applications allow lists to be shared with colleagues and teams. Now, never miss out on communicating an agenda, just share notes with your team virtually and stay updated! Evernote, Google Keep and Wunderlist, are some interesting ones to consider. Read the rest of the article here.


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