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Screen Mirroring from Android? Only KLIK gives you three ways to connect.

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Want to mirror your screen on an Android device? With KLIK you can choose exactly which method is best for your specific needs and application.

First, all you need to do is open your device Settings menu, then select the "Cast" or "Share" command, choose the KLIK, and start mirroring. Really. That's it. KLIK Supports Miracast, which is already built into Android, so we make screen mirroring from Android as easy as possible.

Want an even faster way to connect? Get the KLIK Knkt app for Android. Tap on the app, and you're looking at a list of KLIK devices. Tap on the one you want to send your screen to, and you're screen mirroring. And when we say screen mirroring, we mean full mirroring; what you see on your device is what everyone sees on the big screen.

Want to include Android devices in what we call Managed Access and Moderated Access modes? That's when KLIK requires the user to enter a password before making a connection. Just install the KLIK Knkt app for Android, and you've got password-restricted access, plus full screen mirroring.

Learn more about all of these options and find links to the apps on the Play Store, by checking out the page.


About KLIK Communications Inc.

KLIK Communications is an engineering-driven startup with a mission to create technologies that enhances the way people collaborate in offices, classrooms, meeting spaces and anywhere else ideas are exchanged. Founded in the Seattle area in 2015, the company builds the KLIK Boks™ line of wireless presentation systems, sold by a network of dealers, integrators and distribution partners in the US, Canada, and over 20 countries worldwide. Visit


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