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What's the better choice for you, Mersive Solstice or KLIK? Let's find out with this comparison.

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Let's find out which solution is right for your needs.

Which solution fits best for you, depends on your needs and expectations. While there are several differences between Mersive Solstice products and those offered by KLIK, we’ll get to the biggest difference first, then fill in the details later in this article. Right from the Mersive Solstice website, you can see below that at $799 and $1199, two models support 4 simultaneous users, while the $999 and $1399 models allow unlimited users. KLIK offers three models, starting and an affordable $149, that all allow one user to mirror their screen at a time.

The KLIK product family starts at $149 for the KLIK Stik, $299 for the KLIK Boks PLUS, and $399 for the KLIK Boks PRO. All models deliver full-HD screen mirroring from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome OS devices, either by using the free KLIK app, or the native AirPlay (Apple devices) and Miracast (Windows and Android devices) screen mirroring applications already on your device.


The differences between KLIK models are pretty clear, and easy to understand. KLIK Stik is an ultra-small device in a “dongle” form factor, that plugs right into an HDMI input on your screen or projector. The supplied USB combo cable powers the Stik, right from an available USB outlet already on your screen. No need to find an extra power outlet, run an extension cable or “install” anything. In fact, “installation” is so easy, we made a 30-second video to show you how it’s done. If your application calls for a wired network connection (Ethernet), as found on all Mersive models, you’ll want to move up to the KLIK Boks PLUS or PRO.

Mersive Solstice wireless display Gen 2i and Gen 3 devices offer only HDMI video outputs, while KLIK Boks PLUS and PRO each offer a VGA output, in addition to HDMI, allowing direct connection to legacy displays and projectors. Mersive's Gen 3 model offers two HDMI video outputs that can support up to 1080p each in a dual-screen setup, or 4K on only one output. That’s likely the best option for larger screens where you’ll be using Mersive’s “Unlimited Users” feature to put a lot of content on the screen at the same time. KLIK PLUS and PRO models also include both digital and analog audio outputs, for connection to supplementary audio systems.

KLIK Moderator Mode allows for control over who has access to the presentation screen and even features a screen preview of users' content before making it live.

One important feature that Mersive and KLIK devices share, is Moderator Mode. In the case of KLIK models, Moderator Mode allows one person to be designated as the moderator, allowing them to manage who has access to the screen. All KLIK models support moderator mode and allow control from a PC or a touchscreen; PLUS and PRO models also allow selection of users from the hand-held remote control, something not offered with any Mersive model. In addition, moderator mode offers the moderator previews of other users’ screens before starting their mirroring session. Mersive does not offer that screen preview feature.

KLIKManager is the central management system that allows one-to-many remote management of KLIK devices.

Both Mersive and KLIK offer a central management option, for users deploying multiple units across a campus or large enterprise. However, with Mersive, you must move up to the Enterprise versions of their hardware in order to use the “Centralized One-to-Many Management” feature. In the case of KLIKManager, the central management system included for free from KLIK, you can remotely manage KLIK Stik and KLIK Boks PRO devices, with an integrated dashboard that shows device status, firmware status and allows wallpaper changes to be executed in seconds. In addition, all KLIK models can use the KLIKWizard app, that guides the user through the “installation” and configuration process.

Solstice includes a digital signage component, that allows for certain, dynamic information to be displayed when the screen is not in use for mirroring sessions. While Mersive does not include an authoring or management service for the signage feature, they do offer instructions on how to deploy third-party solutions to work with Solstice. A certain amount of technical skill is required to deploy digital signage, so it’s not likely something you’ll be using unless you have a pressing need for both digital signage and screen mirroring from the same device.

KLIK's Media Player allows playback of Audio, Video and Image files, from USB media and can be controlled through the soft remote or handheld remote (PLUS & PRO).

KLIK models offer an alternative to complicated digital signage, in the form of a Media Player, built in to all models. The media player can handle a variety of file formats and play back Video, Audio and Image files, in full HD. All models offer a virtual remote control that makes it easy to access the media player and control playback, while PLUS and PRO also make the media player accessible through the hand-held remote control. Just plug in a thumb drive with your media files and start playing them in seconds.

With KLIK's USB back-channel feature, you can share a presentation remote, mouse, keyboard or even a touchscreen, with the active presenter, automatically!

There are a couple of additional KLIK features that need to be mentioned, that you might not have even considered, if you’ve been looking at Solstice. The first is the ability to share a presentation remote between users, automatically. Simply plug the receiver dongle into the KLIK, and the remote will control the PC that’s currently in a mirroring session. This works with any HID-compatible device, including touch screens, keyboards, or even wireless desktops. So, with KLIK, there’s no need for a user to haul their laptop to the front of the room when they’re making a presentation.

All KLIK models offer Screen Sharing, in addition to Screen Mirroring, allowing users to view the presentation right inside a browser window.

The other feature that users appreciate is the KLIKStream remote viewing capability built into every KLIK model. With KLIKStream, users can simply enter the KLIK’s IP address and view the contents of the presentation, in a browser, right on their own device. They can even capture screen shots for later review, so they can focus on the presentation, not copious note-taking. A great feature for both presenters and viewers of the presentation, as it allows everyone to remain focused and get the full benefit of the meeting.

Mersive Solstice Software Updates are Free only for the first year. After that, you'll have to pay a subscription fee.
While Mersive continue to evolve their Solstice platform with software updates, after the first year, those updates are available only to subscribers, at an added cost.

One final note on pricing is that Solstice requires a paid subscription in order to retain access to software updates, their deployment monitoring service and what they call tier-1 support. Mersive includes the first year’s subscription fee in the price of the hardware, but it’s not clear how much you’ll be paying for years two and beyond, because the only reference to subscription pricing on the Mersive website is “20% of the original purchase price annually”. We welcome any additional information on subscription pricing.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for 4K screen mirroring, with unlimited users and shared screens, the $1399 Mersive Solstice Gen3 Pod Unlimited is for you. Sure, you’ll get some form of moderator mode, and digital signage in the package, but the real reason to spend almost $1400 (plus another ~$280 a year) for Solstice is the ability to put multiple screens on the big screen at one time. This is, in our view, the signature feature of Mersive's product offering.

If on the other hand, you’re looking to add screen mirroring with the added benefit of one-to-many screen sharing, to your meeting room or classroom, there’s no denying the appeal of KLIK. If the wireless-only KLIK Stik fits your needs, then at $149 it’s almost half the price of the annual subscription Mersive will charge you for software updates. At $299, the KLIK Boks PLUS adds a full complement of hardware connectivity, including Ethernet, plus a hand-held remote control. And if you’re deploying across a campus, KLIK Boks PRO gives you the enhanced connectivity of PLUS, along with remote management, courtesy of KLIKManager, at a mere $399 with free software and firmware updates for life.


All feature comparisons are based on published specifications obtained from the Mersive website, on the date of publication of this article. We welcome clarifications and corrections and the legal beagles want us to tell you that Errors & Omissions are Excepted, all trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners, and that this content is Copyright 2019, KLIK Communications Inc, all rights reserved.


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