The case for wireless screen mirroring on your display.

Why do I need a wireless presentation system?

Wireless screen sharing is more convenient than wired connections.

A wireless presentation system eliminates the need for cables, adapters and the confusion of getting connected to the presentation screen. It also allows presenters to sit anywhere in the room, without that musical chairs distraction when the next presenter needs to get to the cable.

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Mirroring your screen is more efficient

Studies have shown that between 10-18% of meeting time is wasted, as people struggle with the technology. Multiply that wasted time by the number of people in the room, and suddenly it’s a huge drain on resources. A wireless presentation system virtually eliminates this down-time and lets you focus on your message.

Content-rich meetings are more spontaneous.

With a wireless presentation system attached to every screen, people can launch screen mirroring sessions anytime, from any device. That kind of spontaneous access to a big screen, even from your smartphone, can open up new opportunities for collaboration that might otherwise never happen.


Wireless screen sharing fits in with thhe way we work already.

A wireless presentation system works hand in hand with the three major technology trends that have transformed the way we work. Between Cloud Computing, the emergence of powerful Mobile Devices and the BYOD movement, we’re more connected, more agile and rely on non-traditional devices, so we need a new way to connect and present.

Find your ideal Wireless Presentation System

KLIK Stik is an ultra-compact wireless screen mirroring system that plugs into any TV.

KLIK Stik is Small, Wireless and Affordable.

KLIK Boks PLUS Wireless Screen Mirroring System with Remote Control

PLUS adds Ethernet, & a Wireless Remote.

KLIK Bok PRO Wireless Screen Mirrorng System with Central Management

PRO includes KLIKManager CMS

KLIK Boks HUB 4K UHD Wireless Screen Mirroring System

HUB offers Split-screen, Recording & Streaming.

KLIK Knkt lets any HDMI source stream wirelessly to any KLIK model.

Knkt makes any HDMI Source Wireless.

Learn more about wireless screen mirroring and screen sharing by downloading our free whitepaper.

No two applications are the same, so KLIK offers a variety of devices so you can start screen sharing and mirroring on wirelessly on your terms.