"What is a KLIK

Wireless Presentation System?"

KLIK plugs into your existing TV, Display or Projector, and allows people to share content from their devices, wirelessly.

KLIK Starts with Convenience

A wireless presentation system eliminates the need for cables, adapters and the confusion of getting connected to the presentation screen. It also allows presenters to sit anywhere in the room, without that musical chairs distraction when the next presenter needs to get to the cable.

KLIK is More Efficient

Studies have shown that between 10-18% of meeting time is wasted, as people struggle with the technology. Multiply that wasted time by the number of people in the room, and suddenly it’s a huge drain on resources. Connecting wirelessly virtually eliminates this down-time and lets you focus on your message.

KLIK Fosters Spontaneity

With a wireless presentation system attached to every screen, people can launch screen mirroring sessions anytime, from any device. That kind of spontaneous access to a big screen, even from your smartphone, can open up new opportunities for collaboration that might otherwise never happen.

KLIK Aligns with How We Work

A wireless presentation system works hand in hand with the three major technology trends that have transformed the way we work. Between Cloud Computing, the emergence of powerful Mobile Devices and the BYOD movement, we’re more connected, more agile and rely on non-traditional devices, so we need a new way to connect and present.

Find your ideal Wireless Presentation System

Powerful, professional screen sharing, in a compact package, at a breakthrough price. KLIK Stik is designed for every screen.

Rapid-fire meetings made possible with the included remote control. KLIK Boks PLUS makes wireless presentations easier than ever. 

Remote Management puts you in control, from anywhere. KLIK Boks PRO is the best choice for corporate & academic installs.

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