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Airtame 2 or KLIKBoks PRO? Let’s break it down and see which is the better solution for you!

The Airtame 2 screen sharing device next to the KLIKBoks PRO Multi Media device
Airtame 2 or KLIKBoks PRO? Let's see which one's best for you!

You’ve done your homework and concluded you need a professional wireless screen sharing solution. The consumer solutions, like Chromecast, Miracast, and AirPlay, all have their own painful limitations. So, you’ve narrowed the field to the most affordable professional solutions and now need to choose between Airtame 2 and KLIKBoks PRO. Let’s have a look at how these systems compare in features, usability, and cost.

Airtame Hardware

On the Airtame side, you’re going to need one Airtame 2 at $499 for every screen you plan to support. Airtame 2 comes with a single cable that has two ends; an HDMI connector to plug into the TV, and a USB connector to plug into a power source. While the device comes with a power supply, it can’t be powered by the TV’s USB outlets, so for an added $29 Airtame offers an extension cord.

Airtame 2 comes with Wi-Fi connectivity as standard, meaning you can connect it to your existing wireless network. However if you prefer a wired Ethernet connection you’ll have to choose between two extra-cost accessories; an Ethernet adapter for $29, or the PoE Adapter for $129. The latter actually solves both the power and wired network problems, so it’s the most likely—and neatest—option. Airtame 2 comes with a One-Year Warranty.

KLIKBoks PRO Hardware

The KLIKBoks PRO comes in at $349 and includes a power supply, wireless remote control, and short (3’) HDMI cable. The PRO includes Wi-Fi, and an Ethernet port, for both wireless and wired connections to the network. It also includes both analog and digital optical audio outputs for connection to an external PA or hearing assistance (ADA compliant) system.

The PRO is housed in a steel enclosure for optimal shielding, with detachable wireless antennas, facilitating concealed installation inside a cabinet. It also offers a multi-function USB port on the front panel, used for connection to a shared presentation remote, touch-enabled display screen, or an external USB drive (Flash or SSD) for media playback. KLIKBoks PRO comes with a Three-Year Warranty.

Airtame Compatibility

One of the original Airtame’s biggest shortcomings was remedied recently through the addition of support for Apple devices using AirPlay. In addition, the Airtame 2 supports connections using Miracast, the protocol built into Windows since version 8.1. The device also supports Google Cast (aka Chromecast), but users are required to use the Google Chrome browser for this to work. Airtame supports full screen mirroring with all compatible apps. And finally, they offer a connection app for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks. No mobile apps are offered.

KLIKBoks PRO Compatibility

The PRO offers native support for Miracast and AirPlay, as well as KLIKConnect apps for Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks. PRO supports full screen mirroring with all native protocols and offered KLIKConnect apps. KLIKBoks also offers 2 Android apps that ensure compatibility with some older Android devices that cannot use Google Cast or Miracast.

Exclusive Features on Airtame 2

Hailed as a big improvement over the original Airtame, Airtame 2 is differentiated mostly by what’s under the hood. A faster processor, improved Wi-Fi range (20 meters vs. 10), more memory; all features aimed at improving performance. In addition, the form factor was changed from a dongle to round shaped enclosure connected by a cable, to overcome a lack of Wi-Fi signal strength when the dongle was blocked by the TV. The expectation is that the device is mounted to the wall, adjacent to the TV instead.

The three exclusive features that Airtame 2 offers are Digital Signage, Google Cast support, and a Cloud-based Central Management System (CMS). The Digital Signage feature allows the screen to display customized content like calendars and websites when not in use for screen sharing, but requires a subscription to Airtame Cloud Plus for an additional $12 per month. Google Cast support allows PC users to share content while using the Chrome browser on Windows, Mac and Chromebooks.

Airtame’s Cloud management system is designed to help system administrators deploy, manage, and troubleshoot the Airtame 2 devices deployed across an installation. Operators can view the existing configuration of a single device, or push firmware updates to groups of devices at one time. Devices can be power-cycled manually or scheduled to power off and on as needed. In addition, the Airtame Cloud offers control and management of the Digital Signage system. Airtame Cloud subscriptions are billed at $12 per month, per device.

Exclusive Features on KLIKBoks PRO

The KLIKBoks PRO is the third iteration of the KLIKBoks product series, preceded by the CLASSIC and PLUS models. In this latest version the product retains all of the input and output connectivity of its predecessors, with an all-metal housing and detachable antennas as its most obvious physical changes. However, the PRO also benefits from a later-generation processor and double the memory capacity of the earlier models, boosting performance and reliability.

The physical configuration of the PRO allows for deployment across a variety of conditions using the same inexpensive hardware. With built-in Ethernet and Audio connectivity, the device interfaces easily with wired or wireless networks, and connects directly to audio systems. From both a system design perspective and operationally, a standardized hardware configuration is easier to deploy and maintain.

KLIKBoks PRO comes with two free applications that may be used to configure and manage the device. The first—KLIKWizard—automates the setup procedure and is available for Windows & Mac. Using the KLIKWizard allows the installer to configure the KLIKBoks with a device name, network connection, password requirements and even a custom screen wallpaper in under 2 minutes.

KLIKBoks PRO also includes a Central Management System called KLIKManager; but unlike the Airtame system, KLIKManager does not expose your devices to the Internet, nor is Internet access even required. KLIKManager allows for bulk monitoring of all KLIKBoks PRO devices inside one interface, with the ability to push updates, change wallpapers, adjust options, and more, all without complicated setup or potential exposure to external hacking. Admins can even see what’s on the screen in the room, making support easier than ever. KLIKManager requires no subscription fee and is included at no extra cost with every KLIKBoks PRO.

KLIKConnect is a free application that allows Windows and Mac users to get the most from a KLIKBoks PRO. Far more than mere connection management, KLIKConnect packs several features that make for greater productivity and simplicity in operation.

KLIKConnect includes annotation and whiteboarding right from within the app. In addition it allows authenticated users to view and capture the presentation right on their own PC, saving the time and distraction of taking notes manually. Plus, the built-in File Sharing function allows for the peer-to-peer exchange of materials without the complexity of cloud solutions or email attachments.

KLIKBoks PRO also includes a full-featured Media Player that supports Audio, Video, and Image files for presentation in HD, without needing a PC or other source device. Simply plug in a USB flash drive or SSD and use the supplied remote control to select and display the content. And just in case the remote is misplaced, the media player can be controlled directly from the PRO’s web interface using your smartphone.

Also unique to KLIKBoks PRO is the Moderator Mode, which allows for a teacher to manage, preview, and display, content from a classroom full of students, right from within the KLIKConnect app. There is no faster and smoother way to switch between presenters and keep the session on track than with Moderator Mode. No cloud subscription or Internet access is required to use Moderator Mode.

Let’s Do the Math

Airtame offers 3 unique features that are in demand with many clients, particularly those who drive technical decisions within organizations. Key among those features is the Cloud management system that allows for centralized monitoring and control over Airtame 2 devices across the Internet. At the same time, the Digital Signage feature is an attractive option for organizations that do not have a current solution deployed. And, to a lesser degree, support for Google Cast is an advantage for Chrome users.

On the other hand, KLIKBoks PRO packs 10 unique features that greatly expand the product’s functionality, usability, and sustainability. The network-based CMS offers similar management features at absolutely no cost. The Media Player replaces a multimedia PC that may be required for content playback. The hardware Ethernet and Audio connections allow for seamless integration in any installation. And user features like Annotation, Remote Viewing & Capture, and File Sharing, solve bottlenecks and enhance the user experience.

Let’s compare the cost of the two solutions over a nominal 5-year period:

Cost isn't necessarily everything, especially if one product offers features that are important to your particular application. On the other hand, you need to weigh the benefit of an ongoing subscription and its impact on total cost of ownership. Either way, when you choose KLIK you'll get a premium product, exceptional support and a range of features that make you more productive, all while saving 74% of what an Airtame 2 will cost over a 5 year period.


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