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KLIK Setup & Management

Options for Setup, Configuration and ongoing Management of KLIK Devices


KLIK is designed to fit any application, and every screen, so we offer a suite of management features to ensure you get the most from the KLIK wireless screen sharing device you use every day.


Start with the KLIKWizard


There is simply no faster or easier way to get a KLIK device connected and configured, than by using the KLIKWizard. Simply download the app from the Setup page, and follow the prompts.


KLIKWizard automated setup makes network connections simple, by automatically finding the right network, then guiding you through the steps to get connected.


ALL KLIK devices can be customized, with any image you want to set as the standby screen wallpaper. KLIKWizard includes image search and cropping tools, to make the process easy.

KLIKWizard works with all KLIK Models

KLIKManager for Large Systems


Access settings across one, several or all KLIK devices and push changes instantly. Perfect for updating wallpaper on standby screens or making firmware updates.


With both Local and Global modes, KLIKManager give system admins complete control over their KLIK devices, all from on console.


KLIKManager gives you instant insight into the health of your KLIK Boks PRO deployment, with visual status  updates at a glance.

KLIKManager works with KLIK Boks PRO

KLIKControl Center- Overview

KLIK Control Center


Access the KLIK Control Center from your browser by simply entering the KLIK's IP address shown on the screen.


Enter the password to gain access to the settings menu.


Manage any KLIK device remotely, through the KLIK Control Center. Change network settings, display settings, even update the firmware or restart KLIK from a browser.

KLIK Control Center works with all KLIK Models

KLIK OSD-Overview

The KLIK On-Screen Display menu allows direct access to system settings through a browser, or by using the wireless remote control (PLUS & PRO only).


Use the arrow keys to scroll between selections, then press Enter. Navigation is simple, and intuitive with all functions clearly labelled. 


View the settings right on the display, while using your smartphone, tablet or PC to navigate between selections. PLUS & PRO owners can also use the remote control.


Customize KLIK further, with access to advanced settings for Network, Video, Audio and System parameters.

KLIK On-Screen Display is found on all KLIK Models

KLIK On-Screen Display

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